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Climate Change & Conservation: SFU experts on Earth Day

April 21, 2022

Earth Day (April 22) reminds us how climate change and human activities challenge the future of our planet. It provides an opportunity to highlight solutions and focus on conservation efforts to ensure a better future for all. 

Experts from Simon Fraser University can comment on a variety of related topics, from the switch to ‘cleaner’ sources of energy to the efforts to protect vulnerable species that share the planet we call home. 


ARNE MOOERS, professor, biological sciences
Endangered species in Canada & the state of Canadian biodiversity in general
Conservation of evolutionary isolated species (“Preserving the Tree of Life”) 

ERIKA PLETTNER, professor, chemistry            
Developing a new tool (Genome BC project, details here) for integrated pest management to improve honey bee populations, reduce the chance of colony collapse and help the beekeeping industry.

RONALD YDENBERG, professor, biological sciences
Conservation of birds in B.C. and threats posed by avian flu 


ZAFAR ADEEL, professor, sustainable energy engineering & executive director of the Pacific Water Research Centre
Global water security and management, climate change adaptation, safe drinking water, water-energy-food nexus, integrated water resources management, water-health nexus, desertification, flooding and their economic impacts

MAJID BAHRAMI, professor, Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MSE)
Creating cleaner, more resilient energy grids that also address energy needs of remote communities; leads a new, national program to produce more skilled workers to address these needs.

ANIL (ANDY) HIRA, professor, political science
Clean energy and energy policy, science and technology policy, international development, comparative public policy, natural resource policy, corporate social responsibility, economic policy and climate change

TACO NIET, professor, Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE)
Climate policy and modelling energy alternatives, including nuclear power; working with UN member states to assess resource systems to meet Paris Agreement targets.

SUMREEN RATTAN, co-creator, COO, Moment Energy
Rattan and MSE colleagues created Moment Energy in 2020 to repurpose the increasing influx of electric car batteries.The company now has a facility in Port Coquitlam, has partnered with world-leading electric vehicle automakers to pilot its systems in remote communities, and recently secured $3.5 million in seed funding to further its goals. 


KIFFER CARD, assistant professor, health sciences
Measuring climate change anxiety/distress in Canada including the impact of extreme weather on mental health, social support and community connectedness.


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