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Back to school season – SFU experts available

August 30, 2022

As students begin their classes this fall, experts at Simon Fraser University are available to discuss various topics such as housing, well-being, the ongoing impacts of the pandemic and innovative approaches to education. 


LARA AKNIN, associate professor, psychology
Expertise: happiness, generosity, kindness, the importance of social relationships for well-being, including making new friends at school

LUC BEAUDOIN, adjunct professor, education
Expertise: senior high school and university students’ use of technology to improve focus while studying, tips for better sleep, understanding and regulating perturbant emotions

TANYA BROESCH, associate professor, psychology
Expertise: child development and how parents can support their kids in starting/returning to school

NEHA SHIVHARE, visiting professor, education
Expertise: using mindfulness techniques as a tool to deal with pandemic-related back-to-school anxiety

TAMMARA SOMA, assistant professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management (Planning Program) and research director, Food Systems Lab
Expertise: food system planning, healthy food in schools including a project with partners at Farm to School BC and the Coalition for Healthy School Food


KIM HOCKEY, associate director, alumni & community engagement
Expertise: the Metro Vancouver HomeShare Program, which matches students in a housing arrangement with an older adult who has a bedroom or suite available to rent. 

ANDREY PAVLOV, professor, finance
Expertise: housing shortages and affordability challenges in the rental housing market for students, B.C. and the Canadian economy, interest rates and inflation


CAROLINE COLIJN, Canada 150 Research Chair in Mathematics for Evolution, Infection and Public Health
Expertise: role of data modeling in predicting disease spread, effectiveness of public health measures, COVID-19 variants, vaccines & vaccinations 

TERENCE DAY, adjunct professor, geography
Expertise: the legacy of the pandemic and its impacts on postsecondary education (see his recent article on the topic)


YUMIKO MURAI, assistant professor, education
Expertise:  computing and maker education in school environments, digital technologies and media in young people’s lives, teacher learning for technology integration and curriculum change

DAVID ZANDVLIET, professor, education; director, Institute for Environmental Learning; SFU's inaugural UNESCO Chair in BioCultural Diversity and Education
Expertise: creating an ecological framework for education; teaching how preserving/adapting to bio-cultural diversity contributes to sustainable living (has run field schools in Haida Gwaii, Indonesia and other sites connecting cultures and the environment)


SERENA CANAAN, assistant professor, economics
Expertise: the labor market and academic benefits of school tracking (grouping students by ability), the impact of diversity on college student outcomes, the implications of parental leave policies on households and firms

PIERRE MOUGANIE, assistant professor, economics
Expertise: how role models and peers affect high school and college students’ success; the impact of university quality on labor market outcomes, determinants of the STEM gender gap in education with a specific focus on what can be done to narrow this gap


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