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Weighing in on wellness as WHO marks 75 years: SFU experts on World Health Day

April 06, 2023

World Health Day, being observed on April 7, also marks the 75th anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its goals to promote health and wellbeing globally. The anniversary will highlight public health successes that have improved quality of life while also focusing on actions needed to tackle current and future health challenges.

SFU experts can discuss their related research and expertise aimed at improving public health.


KIFFER CARD, professor, health sciences
Expertise: Ecological, political and social determinants of health, and their relation to mental health and health inequalities, including climate related ecological distress, loneliness and social isolation

VALORIE CROOKS, professor, geography
Expertise: Health research focusing on disability and chronic illness, primary health care, palliative health and social care, and medical tourism

MAYA GISLASON, associate professor, health sciences
Expertise: Social inequities in health, eco-social health, planetary health, Indigenous health and wellness

DIANE GROMALA, professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology 778-688-8340
Expertise: Virtual Reality (VR) for chronic pain management.

Gromala is among researchers to complete one of the first longitudinal studies of VR used at home among 100 cancer survivors who live with chronic pain, addressing the need for continual self-care of their chronic conditions. She established the use of VR for chronic pain starting in 1991. She is also testing her in-home VR system with post-stroke patients whose recovery was accompanied by chronic pain. 

SCOTT LEAR, professor, health sciences
Expertise: Cardiovascular disease prevention, population health, ethnic disparities, e-health

SYLVAIN MORENO, professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, scientific director, Circle Innovation
Expertise: Neuroscience technologies and their implications for cognitive health. 

Moreno has developed research and educational programs focusing on interactive media and neuroscience, including interactive computer-based systems that improve cognitive function. Recently published a study identifying a causal relationship between participating in certain lifestyle activities and preventing a decline in cognitive health. 

NADINE SCHUURMAN, professor, geography
Expertise: GIScience research focusing on spatial access to health services, health surveillance, volunteered geographic information, and the influence of the environment on health events.

KRISTA STELKIA, assistant professor, health sciences, and interim co-director for the Centre for Collaborative Action on Indigenous Health, a partnership between SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences and the First Nations Health Authority
Expertise: Health inequity, structural determinants of Indigenous peoples’ health and wellbeing 


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