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AI & the future – SFU experts available

June 16, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to make headlines with moves to regulate it underway in Europe and experts gathering to discuss its future, including next week’s IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in Vancouver (June 18-22).

Conference experts, from across North America, include Simon Fraser University AI researcher Steve DiPaola, from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), who will share his work on society impacts and possible solutions related to digital overconsumption and waste.

He’s among several SFU experts available to discuss the changing landscape of AI and its applications across research disciplines, business, medicine, and daily life – see the updated list below (* indicates new):


WENDY CHUN, professor, communication; 150 Research Chair in New Media in the School of Communication; Director of SFU's Digital Democracies Institute—and recently named to the International Panel on the Information Environment (IPIE)
Expertise: Popular perceptions of technology and technological protocols; the impact of control technologies on mass media; what made the Internet, a communications network that had existed for years; concept of "memory" and how it cuts across computational, biological and humanistic fields

STEPHANIE DICK, assistant professor, communication
Expertise: Science and technology studies; history of science; artificial intelligence; labour and automation; historical epistemology

*STEVE DIPAOLA, professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, lead, iVizLab
Expertise: The implications of new artificial intelligence (AI) programs such as ChatGPT including their disruptive possibilities for art/design, ethics/future, interactive graphics, virtual reality, computational creativity, the use and development of AI for good.

*DiPaola is a co-author of papers to be presented at CVPR and the 2023 International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC'23) on AI & climate change. 

TERRI GRIFFITH, professor, innovation and entrepreneurship at the Beedie School of Business; Keith Beedie Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Expertise: Bottom-up applications of AI and organizational designs that take advantage of the flexibility and power offered by non-traditional work, including crowdsourcing, remote work, independent workers, and automation (including artificial intelligence)

*NAVJOT KAUR, senior data scientists and SFU alumni
Expertise: Machine learning applications for social good (impact of natural disasters), industry (defect detection on product surfaces) and economics. Natural language processing and generative AI.

*WOO SOO KIM, professor & associate director, School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering; scientific director, B.C. Centre for Agritech Innovation and
Expertise: The impact of machine learning on precision agritech, smart farm and smart manufacturing  

KE LI, assistant professor, computing science
Expertise: Machine learning (including deep learning, generative models, meta-learning and reinforcement learning), computer vision, and algorithms

*ANGELICA LIM, AI roboticist, and assistant professor of professional practice, computing science;
Expertise: Leads the SFU Rosie Lab, which builds AI software for robots to interact with social intelligence and empathy; named by Forbes Magazine (2018) as one of five people “building our AI future.”

*ALI MAHDAVI-AMIRI, assistant professor of Professional Practice, director of Master of Science in Professional Computer Science
Expertise: Generative AI, deep fakes, 3D-deep learning, geometric modeling, computer graphics, visual effects

SYLVAIN MORENO, assistant professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology; scientific director, Digital Health Circle
Expertise: Computational neuroscience/technology and its implications for education and health, specifically for the lifespan, aging, social isolation, brain health, cognitive health, social prescribing and innovation methodology; art training digital solutions based on music, painting and languages

PHILIPPE PASQUIER, professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology; director, Metacreation Lab for Creative AI
Expertise: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational creativity, interactive art, digital art, computer music

JASON PENG, assistant professor, computing science
Expertise: Reinforcement learning in AI, computer animation, robotic locomotion, motion control, computer graphics

AVIVA PHILIPP-MULLER, assistant professor, marketing at the Beedie School of Business
Expertise: Consumer psychology, misinformation, science-denial (eg anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers)

PARSA RAJABI, researcher, masters student, computing science
Expertise: AI’s impact on post-secondary education, computer science education, computational thinking, and human-computer interaction (HCI)

MANOLIS SAVVA, assistant professor, computing science
Expertise: human-centric 3D scene analysis, generative methods for 3D content creation, computer graphics for artificial intelligence 

MAITE TABOADA, professor, linguistics
Expertise: Natural language processing, computational linguistics, discourse analysis, the Gender Gap Tracker, big data, fake news and misinformation


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