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Impact of summer’s ongoing extreme weather: SFU experts available

August 17, 2023

British Columbia and various regions across the country continue to experience a summer of drought, wildfires—and heatwaves. An El Niño climate pattern combined with the ongoing effects of climate change has also led to marine heatwaves and extreme temperatures around the globe. 

Simon Fraser University experts are available to comment on the current effects of extreme weather in B.C. and beyond.  


ZAFAR ADEEL, professor of professional practice, School of Sustainable Energy Engineering
Expertise: Water security, climate change adaptation, safe drinking water, water-energy-food nexus, integrated water resources management, water-health nexus, desertification, flooding and the economic impacts.

KIFFER CARD, professor, health sciences
Expertise: Ecological, political and social determinants of health, and their relation to mental health and health inequalities, including climate related ecological distress, loneliness and social isolation.

JOHN CLAGUE, professor emeritus, Earth Sciences, CRC Chair in Natural Hazard Science
Expertise:The link between extreme weather events and climate change, natural disasters.

ANDREANNE DOYON, assistant professor, resource and environmental management
Expertise: Planning for/responding to extreme heat (from urban greenery to building retrofits). Planning for climate change at the city level.

GLYN WILLIAMS-JONES, professor & chair, Earth Sciences, co-director, Centre for Natural Hazards Research (Also speaks French)
Expertise: Natural hazards research in B.C. and beyond. Available to comment on the devastating wildfires in Maui.

JESSE HAHM, assistant professor, geography, SFU Hydrology Research Group
Expertise:Impact of droughts, patterns of water use, threats to water quality, effects of global climate change on future water supplies. Water issues facing British Columbia.

SCOTT LEAR, Pfizer/Heart & Stroke Foundation Chair in Cardiovascular Prevention Research, professor, health sciences
Expertise: Impacts and considerations of exercising in the heat, cardiovascular disease and other health risks.

SOPHIE WILKINSON, assistant professor, REM & founder, Fire and Ecosystems Research Group (available Thursday, August 17th & week of August 23rd)
Expertise: Wildfire behaviour, impacts and the conditions that fuel them, including the importance and management of peatlands (bogs, fens and swamps). 


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