Faculty and Staff

Meet SFU’s 2018 Staff Achievement Award winners

March 02, 2019

Congratulations to the winners of SFU’s 2018 Staff Achievement Awards. These awards highlight the exceptional work of SFU employees – and remind us how much the university depends on the talents and commitment of its dedicated staff.


Lifetime Achievement

Eugenie Ko

Director of administration, Student Services

Personal Achievement  

Andrea Barbera

Coordinator of student affairs, Faculty of Applied Sciences

Work Performance  

Matthew Plotnikoff

Senior technician, Earth Sciences


Demonstrating originality, development and improvement of procedures and processes for the students, staff and faculty at SFU.

Erica Lay

Director, Sustainability Office

With a background in climate change and sustainability planning, Erica Lay developed SFU’s first 20-year sustainability vision and goals initiative. An enthusiastic thought leader, Erica continues to advance SFU’s sustainability planning at all three campuses.


Demonstrating exemplary leadership in managing an efficient and professional working unit.

Tracey Mason-Innes

Director, Residence and Housing

Over the past four years, Tracey Mason-Innes has established a residential community on Burnaby campus that is inclusive of students, staff and faculty. A forward-thinking director, she strives to improve on-campus residential resources by strengthening her staff’s skills and knowledge, and nurturing partnerships.

Donna McGee-Thompson

Head, Student Learning and Commons

Donna McGee-Thompson consistently encourages teamwork, creativity and collaboration. Ensuring colleagues on the library-management team feel appreciated and empowered is key to Donna’s successful leadership style.

Lifetime Achievement

Demonstrating consistent leadership, devotion and commitment to SFU over many years.

Maria Mascarenhas

Clerk, Student Services

Undergraduate student records clerk Maria Mascarenhas was the trusted go-to person for academic advisors and faculty managers who needed quick, accurate information from Student Services. Recently retired after 29 years, she was always available to help students prepare their transcripts for graduation, and assisted at 50 convocation

Student Service  

Going the extra mile to meet employee and student expectations.

Lehoa Mak

Coordinator of student engagement, Student Services

Lehoa Mak realized her goal of increasing well-being on campus when she co-created the ‘Creative Collective” initiative with Health and Counselling Services. Lehoa’s eagerness to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff results in consistent success through her hard work and positive nature.

Team Achievement Award

Demonstrating exemplary collaboration and cooperation between teams to improve processes at the university.

Melissa Luck, Steve Hillman, Stephen MacGregor, Adrian Homorozean, Jason Levis, Donald Mok, Gabriel Lim, John Yang, Pat Chin, Andrew Leung, Graham Ballantyne, Keith Fong, Stephanie Stewart, Naomi Zhang, Jennifer Casey, Keir Novik, Scott Wang, Sabrina Da Silva, Hongyin Cui, Mitch Chang, Randy Raine, Darlene Merlyn, Sergey Kosmachev, Jeff Bryer, Sandeep Sidhu, Al Murray, Diana Koyanagi, Shelley Sluggett, Mark Jutras, Sinisa Milosavljevic, Jovica Miodragovic, Rick Yoo, Idrissa Brathwaite, Don Seeley, Grant Dimock, Patrick Phang, Linnea Cudmore, Brad Renney, Ryan Granholm, Andrew Culp, Hans Tjandra, Richard Blackwell, Howard Leung, Brian Langdeau, Lee Greenough, Gerry (Luis) Lopez, Darrin Grund, Jasper Stoodley, Mike Church, Ravi Toor, Byron Henry, Denise Leech, Kelli Whittle, Mark Roman

SFU Mail project team, IT Services

This team transitioned more than 50,000 student, staff and faculty onto SFU’s new email platform in 2018. The team’s excellent skills in collaboration and communication were crucial to establishing the mail migration’s cross-departmental success.

Wendy House, Novia Chow, Sophia Gaba, Olenka Myshko, Virgina Cheung

Customer service team, Facilities Services

Improving customer service, increasing employee engagement and reducing waste are some of the ways the Customer Service Team exemplified quality work and dedication in their roles. They seek to provide the best responses to inquiries regarding the campus’s physical space.

Work Performance

Demonstrating excellent work performance that is above and beyond the call of duty.

Terence Ng

Manager of health finance, Health and Counselling Services

A problem solver and critical thinker, Terence Ng strives to find creative solutions for his colleagues, who consider him a great leader. With multiple skills and talents, Terence supports his team through exceptional mentorship and helpful solutions for general or IT issues.

Tamra Morley

Event coordinator, Ceremonies and Events

Over the past 10 years, event coordinator Tamra Morley’s exceptional talents in design and décor have ensured that SFU’s highest-profile events are always fresh and interesting. Her commitment, passion and outstanding work ethic are invaluable assets to her team.

Eileen Oertwig

Administrative assistant, Office of the President

Long-time employee Eileen Oertwig is the “face” of SFU to many members of SFU’s internal and external communities. With a deep understanding of the president’s role and responsibilities, she works long hours to meet shifting deadlines and schedule changes while consistently ensuring high-quality work.

Hon-Man Wong

Senior systems engineer, IT Services

Hon-Man Wong’s IT team relies on his speedy solutions to stressful projects and technical issues. Known for his even-temper and positive attitude, he creates good working relationships with students, staff, faculty and clients.