SFU scholars, clockwise from top left, Marianne Ignace, Michael Howlett, Bojan Mohar, Kelley Lee, S. Laurel Weldon, Jodi Viljoen and John Reynolds have been named to the Royal Society of Canada.

Awards and recognition

Royal Society of Canada honours seven SFU innovators and their research impact

September 08, 2020

Seven Simon Fraser University scholars have been named to the Royal Society of Canada (RSC)—six of them as fellows of the society and one as a member of the society’s College of New Scholars, Scientists and Artists. Membership in the Royal Society is Canada’s highest academic honour.

Last year, seven SFU scholars were named to the RSC, including SFU’s new president, Joy Johnson, while one scholar was named to the college.  

Established in 1882 as Canada’s national academy, the society promotes research and learning in the arts, humanities and sciences. The society awards fellowships to peer-elected and distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions and impact in these fields. The society’s mandate is to build a better future for Canada and the world.

The College of New Scholars recognizes emerging intellectual leaders who have demonstrated high achievement during their early career.

SFU’s 2020 Royal Society of Canada Fellows are:

Michael Howlett, Burnaby Mountain Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Policy Innovation for Climate Change, Department of Political Science

An internationally prominent Canadian policy scholar, Michael Howlett’s research advances both theories and practice for understanding and addressing urgent policy challenges, particularly in natural resource and environmental policy.

Marianne Ignace, professor, Department of Linguistics; Department of Indigenous Studies

A leading scholar on First Nations languages and cultures, Marianne Ignace is renowned for building successful research partnerships with Indigenous communities as she collaborates with them to revitalize their languages, oral traditions and ecological knowledge.   

S. Laurel Weldon, Distinguished Professor, Department of Political Science

S. Laurel Weldon’s award-winning research on social movements and public policy relating to women’s rights is advancing our understanding of democratic policymaking and gender equality around the world.

Kelley Lee, professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Global Health Governance, Faculty of Health Sciences; Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

A world-class scholar on the health implications of globalization, Kelley Lee has helped reform the World Health Organization, advance global tobacco control and influence health policies around the globe.  

Bojan Mohar, professor, Department of Mathematics

Bojan Mohar, a world leader in graph theory and a former Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, has made transformative contributions to discrete mathematics, theoretical computing, and mathematical chemistry.

John Reynolds, professor, Department of Biological Sciences; Tom Buell BC Leadership Chair in Aquatic Conservation

John Reynolds’ ground-breaking research linking ecology and evolution with conservation biology, sustainable exploitation, and ecosystem connectivity places him at the forefront of conservation and science policy in Canada.

SFU’s 2020 College member is Jodi Viljoen, professor of clinical and forensic psychology, Department of Psychology

A leading researcher in youth violence and offending, Jodi Viljoen’s new approaches to assessing and treating adolescents in the justice system have been adopted at home and abroad.