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Getting ready for winter cycling to SFU

February 04, 2021

By Bonnie Kwan, communications officer, Safety & Risk Services

Winter conditions can make winter cycling challenging, but with the right preparation you can continue this active transportation option even when the snow starts falling. 

Before you head out, check SFU for visibility and road conditions. Let Translink give you and your bike a break: park your bike at the skytrain or ride the bus up with your bike

Winterize your bicycle
Before winter, tune up your bike and switch to wet-weather lube. Depending on your type of bike, check with your bike technician to see if your tires are appropriate for winter cycling.

Fenders can keep moisture away from you and your bike. Use a front white light and a rear red light after dark. 

Take riding precautions
Bike slow and make sure your brakes are working properly. Wipe down your bike and clean the chains after every ride. Follow standard bike riding etiquette: ride on the bike path or on the right side of the road, yield to pedestrians, red lights and stop signs, ride single-file, hand-signal before turning.

Wear bright and reflective clothing so that you can be seen. Waterproof jackets and pants will also keep you dry when it rains or snows. Shoe covers over waterproof shoes are an additional layer of protection from moisture on your feet. 

For more tips on what types of clothing to wear while winter cycling, check out Bundle up for winter at SFU

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