Community notices

Bundle up for winter at SFU

February 01, 2021

By Bonnie Kwan, communications officer, Safety & Risk Services

Winter conditions are coming to our campuses and how we dress can keep us safe from the elements. SFU’s campuses all face different challenges so it is important to be prepared before stepping out.

Dress appropriately
Layering lets you adjust your body’s thermostat by putting on and removing items to maintain an even comfort level as conditions and your exertion levels change. Choose a base layer made of sweatwicking materials such as wool or polyester to keep your skin dry. Add a middle layer like fleece or a puffy jacket to keep the heat close to your body. Finally add an outer layer such a waterproof jacket or pants to protect you against rain or snow.

Keep your extremities warm
It is important to keep your head, hands and feet covered as these are the places that lose heat the most easily. Wool and synthetic toques can keep your head warm, while using a waterproof jacket’s hood or an umbrella can be a good outer layer. Basic gloves and mittens made from insulated materials can provide some warmth, but waterproof gloves are even better. Keep your feet warm with thick wool socks. Avoid cotton as they soak up water and take longer to dry.

Choose winter footwear wisely 
With a reputation for rain, those living in Greater Vancouver know the importance of waterproof footwear. When snow hits SFU’s three campuses, walking from building to building can be a treacherous matter. Choose an insulated boot with a higher profile to trap in heat to your feet. To walk on potentially slippery surfaces, choose flat shoes (no heels!) with all-weather grip to secure each step you take.