I am Jessie, a Junior UX designer from Vancouver.

I am studying Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University where I gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to design user-centric human experiences. Collaborating with teammates work on a variety of projects including visual design, user experience design, and web design helped me enhancing my communication skills, wireframing skils and digital illustration skills.

I am passionate about using my design skills to making your digital products bring postive impact on your audiences.

I love take photos while I am traveling. Also, I shoot pictures to record fun moments in my life.

Feel free to reach out to me!


the sunset on Great Slave Lake
Wandering on the frozen Great Slave Lake at sunset.
a white tent under aurora at Yellow Knife
Chasing the dancing aurora at Yellow Knife.
The mid-summer scence at the Moraine lake
Embracing the dramatic beauty of the Moraine lake.
The mountain top view at Stawamus Chief Provincial Park.
Enjoy the victory at the top of a mountain in Stawamus Chief Provincial Park.
Breakfast with fried-egg, bread and chesse, strawberries, a plum and blueberries.
A quick easy breakfast for a fresh morning start.
fruit platter with cherries, kiwi, and blueberries.
Picking fresh Okanagan farm cherries making a summer fruit platter.
fruit platter with kiwi, mango, and orange
Fruit platter with kiwi, mango, and orange.
several shares of low-sugar homemade milk pudding
I made different flavors of low-sugar milk pudding for my family and friends.

Digital Illustrations

a tag-boat painting
This tag-boat painting is inspired by a boat model in Vancouver Maritime museum.
two simple animal figures (a dog and a chick) painting
Using a graphic tablet draw two simple animal figues- a dog and a chick.
a tiger head painting
Using a graphic tablet draw a tiger.
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