A segment or sequence of segments of MAGNETIC TAPE which have been SPLICEd end-to-end to form a loop or circle. When played in this form, the taped sound is continuously repeated, as distinct from tape ECHO or tape FEEDBACK.


A tape loop may serve to isolate a SOUND OBJECT, allowing analysis of its ENVELOPE or SPECTRUM, for instance. In TAPE MUSIC and MUSIQUE CONCRETE, tape loops are often employed to create a rhythmic or timbral effect, particularly when played at speeds other than the normal one.

The period of repetition of the loop depends both on its length and the speed at which it is played, being equal to the length divided by the speed. See also: TAPE RECORDER.

Digital audio systems designed for editing often allow sequences of samples to be played repetitively, thus simulating a tape loop, and some offer techniques for minimizing any discontinuity in the waveform (heard as a CLICK) at the splice point.