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  • May 13, 2021
    Can fisheries benefit from biodiversity and conserve it too?
  • May 13, 2021
    Bringing justice and equity into the fight against climate change
    Climate change becomes very real when it impacts people in their homes, jobs and communities. As the threat of climate change and its effects increase, we need to have equity and social justice-informed conversations about what it means for those disproportionately affected and how communities can implement solutions that benefit everyone. Simon Fraser University Public Square is hosting a free virtual event Wednesday, May 19 called “Researching for Climate Justice” that brings together climate justice advocates, researchers, policy-makers and solution-seekers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of taking equity-informed approaches to climate research, solutions and policy development.
  • May 11, 2021
    World’s fastest information-fuelled engine designed by SFU researchers
    Simon Fraser University researchers have designed a remarkably fast engine that taps into a new kind of fuel — information. The development of this engine, which converts the random jiggling of a microscopic particle into stored energy, is outlined in research published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) and could lead to significant advances in the speed and cost of computers and bio-nanotechnologies.
  • May 10, 2021
    New theory may revolutionize treatment of endometriosis
    Endometriosis, a disease found in up to 10 per cent of women, has been enigmatic since it was first described. A new theory developed by researchers at Simon Fraser University suggests a previously overlooked hormone — testosterone — has a critical role in its development. The research could have direct impacts on diagnosis and treatment of the disease, signaling hope for women with endometriosis worldwide.
  • May 06, 2021
    Online learning doesn’t improve student sleep habits, research suggests

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