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Remembering Rwanda: 22 Years Later

June 27, 2016

Join us as we commemorate 22 years of rebuilding and progress since the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. On June 28, 2016, SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement, Embrace Rwanda, and Building Bridges with Rwanda present Remembering Rwanda: 22 Years Later.

The Rwandan genocide, perpetrated against the minority Tutsis, claimed 800,000 lives over the course of three months and displaced another two million refugees. This free, educational event will celebrate the hard work put into rebuilding a devastated nation into a prosperous one, providing a platform for discussing global issues. The night will feature a film screening of Intore, followed by a panel discussion and reception.

“I consider this film to be a true emblematic painting of Rwanda. Its innumerable art forms of dance and music, it’s incredible landscapes and amazing voices.”

– Eric Kabera, Director

Intore (The Chosen), directed by Eric Kabera, looks back into Rwanda’s history, celebrates its present, and shows how it has overcome its pain through art. Featuring performances by Rwanda’s top artists, the film weaves together culture, history, and reconciliation, with interviews from both genocide survivors and perpetrators.

Rwanda’s next generation was left with deep scars from this troubling chapter in their country’s history. Kabera says, “Now they are spreading the message of forgiveness. It is through their music and dance that they tell their stories and own their destinies. This is what has moved me to present a film with a message of hope and triumph from my people.”

The panel will be made up of Canadian and Rwandan speakers who have lived and worked in Rwanda, including Lama Mugabo, co-founder of the nonprofit Building Bridges with Rwanda, Hilary King, executive director for Embrace Rwanda, and labour lawyer Gary Caroline.

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