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Episode 101: Engaging Community in HIV Research — with Angela Kaida

January 26, 2021
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Global health epidemiologist Angela Kaida joins Below the Radar to share her passion for research to support the sexual and reproductive health of women and nonbinary people.

An associate professor in SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences and a recent researcher-in-residence with SFU’s Community-Engaged Research Initiative, Angela adopts an interdisciplinary, community-driven, ethics-based approach to researching the health of people living with HIV.

In this episode, Angela is in conversation with Am Johal about the process and potentials of embracing a community-engaged approach in her research, from community outreach and the training of peer research associates, to issues around informed consent. She discusses some of her recent projects, including the Life and Love with HIV platform and the CHIWOS-PAW project, and shares how she and her colleagues have had to adjust to working with the communities they serve in the context of COVID-19.

About Our Guest

Angela Kaida

Angela Kaida is an epidemiologist based in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, where she holds a Canada Research Chair in Global Perspectives in HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health.

She has been learning from and working with women living with HIV for the past 10 years. Angela’s research focuses on the sexual and reproductive health priorities of women living with HIV, including sexuality, safer conception, contraceptive access, reproductive decision-making, healthy pregnancy, and postpartum well-being. Her work investigates the social and structural factors that limit women’s realization of fulfilling sexual and reproductive lives, including laws that criminalize HIV non-disclosure. Angela’s research program adopts a community-informed, rights-driven, and evidenced-based approach to sexual and reproductive health by, with, and for women affected by HIV. She emigrated to Canada from Kenya as a child and today, her research program involves thousands of women living with or affected by HIV in East Africa, South Africa, and Canada.

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