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Episode 120: After Art — with Glenn Alteen

May 11, 2021
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Glenn Alteen is a writer, curator, and co-founder of grunt gallery. Having retired after 36 years in May 2020, Glenn joins host Am Johal to talk about his tenure as Program Director of grunt gallery, and his work on The Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency.

In this interview, Glenn recalls the process of founding grunt gallery in 1984, and the dynamic programming of the gallery. He discusses the focus on exhibiting work from artists at the fringes of the art scene in Vancouver: namely, the work of many contemporary Indigenous artists in the 1990s, a time when these perspectives were largely not shown. Glenn and Am also chat about life after retirement, working on the Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency, and the need for reforming the way funding is distributed to artists.

About Our Guest

Glenn alteen

Glenn Alteen is a Vancouver-based curator and writer as well as co-founder and Director (1984-2020) of grunt gallery.

He has worked extensively with performance art and was co-founder of Vancouver’s LIVE Performance Biennale. His writing on performance has been published in books and catalogues and he was also the producer of Brunt magazine. Alteen has been a critical organizer in a number of significant conferences and has also produced a series of websites focusing on current cultural production including, most recently, grunt’s Activating the Archive project. He also helped to establish the Blue Cabin Floating Artist Residency.

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