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Episode 130: Feminist Economics and a Just Transition — with Alicia Massie

July 20, 2021
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Below the Radar dives into the call for a feminist economic recovery and a just transition with SFU School of Communication PhD Candidate Alicia Massie. Alicia is a Progressive Economics Fellow with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and a Research Assistant and conference organizer with SFU’s Community-Engaged Research Initiative.

As a feminist political ecomomist and community-engaged researcher, Alicia joins host Am Johal to discuss her research around an economic transition for Canada that can bring us into a more equitable and green future.

They discuss pandemic recovery as an opportunity to implement long-term solutions to ongoing and intersecting issues, such as systemic racism, gender-based inequities and climate change. Alicia speaks to the value of the care economy and investing in green infrastructure like childcare, healthcare and education. She also shares some of her learnings from Fort McMurray and how the inevitable shift away from a fossil fuel-based economy must not leave resource industry workers and their communities behind.


About Our Guest

Alicia Massie

Alicia Massie is a Joseph Armand Bombardier Doctoral Scholar and PhD Candidate at the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. 

Beyond her academic work she works as an educator, labour organizer, and community activist. Her activism and academic work focus on the intersections of gender, labour, and race in late capitalism, as well as investigating Canadian petro-capitalism from a socialist feminist perspective.

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