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Episode 146: Labour Studies & Justice for Workers — with Kendra Strauss

November 23, 2021
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The director of the SFU Labour Studies program, Kendra Strauss, joins Am Johal in a conversation about systemic challenges facing workers, and the ways in which workers shape economies and exercise power in the workplace.

Honing in on issues of precarious work, low wages, technological change, contracting out, and the devaluing of feminized work like care work, Am and Kendra discuss trends in labour studies and how they impact migrant and racialized workers. Kendra also speaks to how labour studies as a discipline can work in-step with labour organizers and workers to strive towards a just transition, to create better, more secure jobs, and to address social issues that affect all workers.

About Our Guest

Kendra Strauss

Dr. Kendra Strauss is the Director of the Labour Studies Program and a Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology.

She is also an Associate Member in the Department of Geography. Kendra is a labour geographer and feminist political economist with research and teaching interests in the areas of precarity, migration, social reproduction, and care labour.

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