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Episode 154: ALIVE: Creating Systems of Change — with Scott Clark

January 11, 2022
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On this week’s episode, we sat down with long-time Indigenous-rights advocate Scott Clark of the Coast Salish S'Klallam nation to discuss creating systems of change from the ground up that produce positive and evidence based results.

Diving into his work with ALIVE, or Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement Society, Scott talks about his hope regarding youth-led movements while critiquing how settler governments continue to fail Indigenous people.

Having decades of experience working with urban Indigenous people in the Downtown Eastside, Scott explains his misgivings around nonprofits and how, due to funding sources, they can become extensions of a colonial government at the neighbourhood level. He instead proposes Indigenous self-government and the development of more inclusive and fair policy documents.

About Our Guest

Scott Clark

Scott has 30 years plus of advocacy, from Canada’s most impoverished/oppressed postal code, the downtown east side of Vancouver through to municipal, provincial, federal and international levels.

He currently is the executive director and founding director of Aboriginal Life In Vancouver Enhancement (ALIVE) society.


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