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Episode 155: Experimental Pedagogy & Art — with Alessandra Pomarico

January 18, 2022
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In this episode, we spoke with Alessandra Pomarico about creating collaborative art for social change, both before and during the pandemic.

The show begins by talking about friendship and different collectives in Italy and New York, before moving on to new ways of thinking which combine resistance and existence (re-existence). Centring re-existence in Latin American ideas and the Zapatista movement, Alessandra puts forward a new way of learning through collective living and collaborative art spaces.

About Our Guest

Alessandra Pomarico

Alessandra Pomarico is a founder of Free Home University.

Originally from Italy and with a PhD in Sociology, Alessandra has been curating international and multidisciplinary artists’ residency programs in Italy and Europe. Her practice is based on facilitating collaborative, context-based art projects, with a focus on social change. She previously taught History and Italian Literature in high schools in disadvantaged areas.


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