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Episode 186: A Walk Around The Sun — with Erika Lewis

September 20, 2022
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Erika Lewis is a singer and musician of Tuba Skinny, a blues and ragtime band from New Orleans. Erika is also a solo artist with the albums, “Waiting for Stars” (2016) and “A Walk Around the Sun” (2022).

This episode goes into the different musical influences of New Orleans, Erika’s move from blues to country, and her overall experiences of street busking and touring internationally. There is also a discussion of her health scare and how it pushed the release of her latest album.

About Our Guest

Erika Lewis

Known for her lengthy tenure touring and busking with beloved New Orleans jazz band Tuba Skinny, prolific songwriter and singer Erika Lewis has been churning out American originals all her own for the past several years.

From classic country to cosmic Americana to dreamy indie folk, Lewis continues to dip her toes more deeply into an ever-expanding pool of roots music styles. Her latest record, “A Walk Around the Sun” (2022), is a testament to Lewis’ songwriting prowess and exceptional vocal ability.

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