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Episode 210: Critical Hope — with Kari Grain

April 18, 2023
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Dr. Kari Grain is a research associate at the Community Engaged Research Initiative (CERI) and writer of the book, Critical Hope: How to Grapple with Complexity, Lead with Purpose, and Cultivate Transformative Social Change.

On this episode of Below the Radar, Kari joins our host Am Johal, to discuss how the seemingly conflicting frameworks of criticalness and hope are both vital to systemic change, as well as the importance of emotions such as anger and grief, and the influence of Gloria Anzaldúa’s Coyolxauhqui imperative. Throughout the episode, Kari shares impactful excerpts from her book, Critical Hope.

About Our Guest

Kari Grain

 Dr. Kari Grain is the author of Critical Hope (2022) and teaches at the University of British Columbia in the Faculty of Education, where she leads the Master’s of Education program in Adult Learning and Global Change (ALGC). 

She is also a research associate at the Community Engaged Research Initiative (CERI) at  Simon Fraser University. Her research in experiential learning, critical pedagogy, adult education, anti-racism, and global/local community engagement has been featured in peer reviewed journals, books, blogs, and podcasts. At the nucleus of Grain’s body of work is the belief that education has the potential to be a vibrant pathway toward systemic change and the honouring of multiple ways of knowing and being. Vital to that process of systemic transformation is an attunement to emotional, critical, and creative ways of knowing oneself and being in the world with others. 

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