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Episode 31: The Future of the Binners' Project — with Landon Hoyt and Anna Godefroy

November 19, 2019
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In August of 2019, The Binners' Project faced a new change. After 5 years, co-founder Anna Godefroy stepped back and The Binners' Project welcomed Landon Hoyt as their new director. As a follow up to one of the first episodes of Below the Radar, we welcomed Anna back to the studio for a conversation with Landon and our host, Am Johal. Together, we talk about the ways in which The Binners' Project helped to provide economic opportunities and reduce the stigma of waste-pickers, and what's next for the group. 

About Our Guests

Landon Hoyt

Landon Hoyt moved to Vancouver in 2011 to complete his masters in Urban Studies at Simon Fraser University. Since then, he has worked in Community Engagement with the SFU Sustainability Office and SFU Public Square, and also served as Executive Director of Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association. ​Landon is passionate about bringing those with lived experience into conversations and actions toward making our city a better place for all. He joined the Binners' Project in August 2019 and is excited to return to the work of supporting local economic development and social inclusion.

Anna Godefroy

Anna Godefroy is the co-founder of The Binners' Project and served as their director until September 2019. She has a track record of building partnerships, fundraising and working collaboratively with community groups, municipal staff, progressive businesses, academic institutions, and media.



Johal, Am. “The Future of the Binners' Project — with Landon Hoyt and Anna Godefroy.” Below the Radar, SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement. Podcast audio, November 19, 2019.


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