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Episode 33: Music in the City — with Jarrett Martineau

December 03, 2019
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How well do you know the local music scene in Vancouver? 

On this episode of Below the Radar, we sit down with Jarrett Martineau, a figure who is very well acquainted with the music scene both locally and abroad. On a local level, Jarrett works as the Music Planner for the City of Vancouver, where he works hard to support the Vancouver music scene and all aspects within that. He is also the host of Reclaimed, which is a weekly series on CBC Music that explores the many worlds of contemporary Indigenous music. In this conversation, we talk to Jarrett about how affordability affects available venues, the diverse array of music being created within the city, and the power of providing the platform of radio to early career musicians.

About Our Guest

Jarrett Martineau

Jarrett Martineau is a leading voice in Indigenous media and cultural production. 

He works extensively at the intersections of music art, media, technology, and social movements and holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Indigenous Governance from the University of Victoria.  He has been a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and CUNY's Center for Place, Culture and Politics in New York and his academic research explores the role of art and creativity in advancing Indigenous resurgence and decolonization.

Jarrett is the co-founder and Creative Producer of Revolutions Per Minute, a global new music platform, record label, and artist collective for contemporary Indigenous music; and the host and producer of Reclaimed, a weekly series on CBC Music that explores the sounds of the Indigenous Next Wave.

Prior to hosting Reclaimed, Jarrett produced the documentary series RISE for VICELAND; hosted the CBC's Emmy-nominated cross-platform television series ZeD, for which he received a Leo Award nomination; and served as host and producer of Brave New Waves, an acclaimed late night music series on CBC Radio. He also co-founded the New Forms Festival, an annual contemporary art and music festival held in Vancouver.

His scholarly research and writing examine Indigenous art, music, and media as emergent forms of political communication. By exploring how Indigenous resistances to colonialism and neoliberal capitalism have changed under globalization, Jarrett's research pursues new pathways in Indigenous resurgence through the creative arts. 

Jarrett has worked with CBC Radio and Television, VICE Media, MTV World, NowPublic, Make Believe Media, Elastic Entertainment, and other media, to produce award-winning content for a global audience across all media (web, mobile, TV, and radio).

He is nêhiyaw (Plains Cree) and Dene Suline from Frog Lake First Nation in Alberta.



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