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Episode 43: Andrew Petter on the Engaged University

April 14, 2020
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On this episode of Below the Radar, we are joined by SFU President, Andrew Petter. For 10 years, Andrew has led SFU in becoming Canada’s Engaged University. Prior to that, Andrew had extensive teaching experience as a faculty member at the University of Victoria as well as serving the province as an MLA with a variety of cabinet portfolios during his time in office. Am Johal talks to Andrew about the experiences he had prior to coming to SFU, what it’s been like to serve as SFU’s president, and why SFU will always be a big part of his life. 

Note: we recorded this episode before COVID-19 restrictions in our region required us to practice social distancing.

About Our Guest

Andrew Petter

Andrew Petter, C.M., Q.C., is the President and Vice Chancellor of Simon Fraser University and Professor in its School of Public Policy. 

Prior to joining SFU in 2010, he was Professor in the Faculty of Law of the University of Victoria where he served as Dean from 2001 to 2008.

From 1991 to 2001, Professor Petter served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia and held numerous cabinet portfolios, including Aboriginal Affairs, Advanced Education and Attorney General.

In 2018, he was appointed to the Order of Canada in recognition of his commitment and leadership in advancing university-community engagement and higher education throughout the country.

Since becoming President, Professor Petter has overseen the development and implementation of a Strategic Vision that seeks to distinguish SFU as a “leading engaged university defined by its dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting edge research, and far-reaching community engagement.”



Johal, Am. “Andrew Petter on the Engaged University.” Below the Radar, SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement. Podcast audio, April 14, 2020.


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