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Episode 59: The Garbage Queen — with Louise Schwarz

July 07, 2020
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On this episode of Below the Radar, our host Am Johal speaks with Louise Schwarz, founder and co-owner of Recycling Alternatives. Am and Louise talk about the cultural shift surrounding recycling from 1989, when Recycling Alternatives was founded, to today. They also discuss the future of recycling and waste management, and what policies might help keep more waste out of landfills.

About Our Guest

Louise Schwarz

Louise Schwarz grew up in Vancouver and studied Political Science, Spanish Literature, and Education.

Before her trash-busting days, Louise attended school in Mexico, lived in Italy for 3 yrs and spent 5 years teaching middle school in Edinburgh. Off the trash-busting tracks, Louise hits a mean backhand, sings soul gospel, paints ceramics, and possesses an exaggerated predilection for trash-talking. Louise Schwarz sits on a number of community boards including the Cultch, Our Social Fabric, the National Zero Waste Council, and the advisory of the Downtown Community Court.  In May 2012 she received the ‘Woman of Distinction Award’ for her work in environment and sustainability.  Recognized nationally as one of Canada’s most prestigious awards for women, the Women of Distinction Awards honours women whose outstanding achievements contribute to the well-being and future of our community.  In 2013 Louise was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal by local MLA Libby Davies.



Johal, Am. The Garbage Queen — with Louise Schwarz.” Below the Radar, SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement. Podcast audio, July 7, 2020. 


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