Climate Justice & Inequality

Climate Justice & Inequality: A Podcast Series


In the midst of recent heat domes, mass droughts, seasonal floods, and raging wildfires in BC and across the world, Below the Radar host Am Johal sits down with influential guests from the climate justice movement. This series features conversations that range from how systems of power consistently undermine climate action through policy, to how climate justice is intrinsically linked to issues of colonization and racial injustice.

Living in this quickly accelerating climate emergency can often leave us feeling powerless to make substantial change. In this series, we will pinpoint the levers of change and highlight what collective action needs to take place — and what is already in motion. 

Tune in to learn what projects are being undertaken to both mitigate climate change and address systemic inequality, and perhaps inspire yourself to take action alongside the climate justice movement and Indigenous communities fighting for a greener, more equitable world.

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