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Voices of the Street: The Din from Within

Speakers: Nicolas Leech-Crier, Yvonne Mark, Jules Chapman, Steve Tornes

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Nicolas Leech-Crier  0:15 
You’re listening to Voices of the Street, a podcast series brought to you by Megaphone Magazine, featuring original writing from the 2021 Voices of the Street literary anthology. This podcast is recorded on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish, Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations.

Yvonne Mark  0:39 
Megaphone is changing the story on poverty by promoting social equity, amplifying marginalized voices, and creating meaningful work. You can purchase a copy of the anthology from your local Megaphone vendor and for more information visit

Jules Chapman  1:06 
These stories may deal with difficult topics. Please see the show notes for more information about the topics in this podcast; there are places to reach out for support.

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Jules Chapman  1:20 
My name is Jules Chapman. "The Din from Within" is the poem that I'm going to be reading. I chose that because it is very similar to how I portray writing poetry. It's very therapeutic. And it's good to help me express my emotions and to get my thoughts out properly.

"The Din from Within" by Elaine Schell.

Jules Chapman  1:55 
There was something he said
that really resonated with me.
He said, "I write to talk to myself."
And I thought, “Wow, that's so me.”

How many times
have I put pen to paper,
to make note of something,
only to come back to it later?

How many times have I wanted to write something,
but the words wouldn't come,
or my mind is blank,
and I feel really dumb?

Then there are times
when I can't write fast enough,
my thoughts racing through my head.
Trying to organize my thoughts is tough.

A friend of mine once said,
"If you want to get to know yourself, write."
At first I didn't like that advice,
so I wrote about it and something took flight.

I figure that this is a decent thing to get into,
considering that counsellors say it's good to do.
The chance to reflect on the day’s events
is pretty cool too.

I'm glad the young man
said what he said.
I could really feel
that he meant what he said.

I'm grateful to get this off my mind
as myriad other things come rushing in.
This is a day in the life of a writer,
trying to quiet the din from within.

Steve Tornes  3:42  
The next poem is by Jules Chapman herself

Jules Chapman  3:52 
A piece of paper without any writing, organizing my thoughts so my emotions stop fighting.
Transforming my feelings and events from my day, into a poem where they won't get away.
Easing the pressure that can build from the stress, dealing with issues in cleaning my mess.
Sharing my poetry with people I know, writing for birthdays, or the places they go.

Sometimes my words will come quicker than I write, a few of my thoughts escape in the night.
No matter the words I write on my page they seem to get better the more that I age.


Steve Tornes  4:50 
This episode was created by Jules Chapman and includes poems written by herself and Elaine Schell.

Yvonne Mark  5:13 
This series was produced with support from the City of Vancouver, BC Arts Council, SFU’s Community Engagement Initiative and SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement.

Jules Chapman  5:27 
This podcast was developed through a mentorship program led by Helena Krobath. Special thanks to the Storytellers and Voices of the Street writers, the supporting mentors, and the audio production team. 

Please see the show notes for more information about the topics in this podcast; there are places to reach out for support.

Nicolas Leech-Crier  5:45 
Our theme song was created by John Brennan, with extra music and sound effects by John Brennan and Helena Krobath. 

Sound engineering, editing, mixing, and mastering by Paige Smith, Fiorella Pinillos and Kathy Feng. On behalf of the participants of the Megaphone Podcasting Pilot Project, I would like to give thanks to our Executive Director, Julia Aoki, both the board of directors, and all the hardworking vendors out there keeping our organization alive. Thank you. 

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February 22, 2022

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