As an agent of the Discovery Foundation (since 2010) Venture Connection, on behalf of the Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship, catalyzes a pipeline of support, inspiration and engagement around tech for impact, with a focus on:

  • Dedicated mentorship linked to high impact technology innovation programs, through an Embedded Mentors initiative linked to SFU's entrepreneurship certificate programs
  • The long-standing and popular Mentor Meet and the Mentors- and Experts-in Residence offered through Venture Connection's early-stage incubator
  • A series of community events on emerging technologies and high impact entrepreneurs.

Created to promote and support British Columbia’s high tech research and development industry, Discovery Foundation, a registered charity, facilitates innovation by delivering The Technology Education Program (TEP).

As a funding agent of the Discovery Foundation, Venture Connection has benefited from over $300,000 through the foundation's TEP since 2010.

The 2020 Discovery Foundation Tech4Impact program is delivered by the Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship in partnerhsip with Venture Connection.

See the program announcement here.

Upcoming Events

Past Events


August 8 - Tech 4 Impact Design Jam: Community Building in a Virtual World PART II

July 23 - Design Jam: Transforming healthcare in the post-pandemic landscape

June 27 - Tech 4 Impact Design Jam: Community Building in a Virtual World

January 21 - Champions of Science & Tech Speaker Series: Uniting to Improve Healthcare for Patients


December 14 - Tech 4 Impact & Inclusion Design Jam: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

December 7 - Tech 4 Impact & Inclusion Design Jam: Cutting-Edge Assistive Tech

December 4 - Champions of Science & Tech Speaker Series: Sustainable Innovation Leaders in Canada

November 29 - Champions of Science & Tech Speaker Series: Digi for Business, Not Your Grandma’s Gaming

September 21 - IdeaStorm: Creating Innovation


December 6  - AR/VR: The Real Promise of New Worlds

November 15 Life-Chaning Wearbales

October 4 Unlocking the Postive Potential of Big Data