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 2000 Election News Archive

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There are a variety of ways to keep up to date on events during the election campaign.  Most useful are the national election sites run by large media corporations.  But for regional developments, it is best to connect to the local news media sites across the country. Links to a selection of interesting election news stories are also available on this page.

The English Language Leaders' Debate is Still Available in RealVideo


National Media Sites Dedicated to Election News:

Regional & Specialty News Sites: Select News Items on Election Matters:


Bloc Quebecois Pick Up Extra Seat After Results Retabulated
CBC News, November 29, 2000

Several Judicial Recounts Are Likely After Close Election Night Results
CNEWS November 30, 2000

Liberals Win Third Majority Government In A Row
CBC News, November 28, 2000

Irregularities Surface In Who Can't Vote That Should And Who Is Voting That Shouldn't
Globe & Mail, November 22, 2000

BC School Bans Marijuana Party From All-Candidates Meeting
CBC News November 21, 2000

Canadian Voters Turned Off By Negative Campaign Tactics
CTV News, November 21, 2000

Interest Group Finds Loophole For $15,000 Ad Campaign Against David Anderson
Global TV, November 20, 2000

Over 800,000 Voters Are Expected to Register on Election Day
Elections Canada, November 20, 2000

Declining Voter Registration And Lower Turnouts Mean Canadians Vote At Close To US Rates
National Post, November 18, 2000

Election Laws Pose Problems for Web Media on Election Night
GlobalTV.com, November 17, 2000

Student Group Starts National Radio Ad Campaign Targeting Liberals & Alliance
Canadian Federation of Students, November 16, 2000

Many Voters Have Been Left Off Elections Canada List
CBC News, November 15, 2000

This Hour Has 22 Minutes Launches Referendum Campaign to Change Stockwell's Name to Doris
CBC News, November 15, 2000

NDP Leader Believes Minority Government Would Be A Good Thing
CBC News, November 13, 2000

Elections Canada Rejects Alliance, NDP, and PC Candidates
National Post, November 10, 2000

Supreme Court of Canada Restores Limits on Third Party Election Advertising
CBC News, November 10, 2000.

Think Tank Study Says Minority Government is Good Government
National Post, November 7, 2000. Read the full text of the study by Peter Dobell.

Low Turnout and Disaffection Seen Among First-Time Voters
Globe & Mail, November 7, 2000

Leaders' Debates Have Potential to Sway Voters
Canadian Press, November 5, 2000

Parties Take Quite Different Approaches to Screening Candidates
Clargary Herald, November 6, 2000

A Vote in PEI is Worth Three in Hamilton
National Post, October 31, 2000

BC Man Vows to Ignore the Law and Broadcast Election Results Early
CBC News, October 30, 2000

Business Group Raising $25,000 for Ad Campaign to Oust Tory MP Elsie Wayne
National Post, October 28, 2000

Bloc Quebecois Ready for a Minority Government
Canadian Press, October 22, 2000


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