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2019 Political Parties & Candidates

Political parties are the building blocks of modern elections. They provide the political leaders, candidates, and policy proposals that most people use to decide whom to vote for. There were 2146 candidates registered for the 2019 election, and 21 registered political parties. Of the 2146 candidates, 125 ran as Independents or unaffiliated.

The best way to discover what each political party stands for overall, or what it has to say on a particular issue, is to visit their web site and see what that have to say.  Lower down this page are links to all the registered parties and, where available, to their leaders, lists of candidates, and their main election platform.

Finding out what the parties stand for is vital for most Canadians at election time. A Nanos poll conducted in March 2011 found that 48% of Canadians said they were most influenced by a party's policies in their decision about whom to vote for, 20% by the party leader, and 10% simply said they traditionally vote for the party; only 12% of Canadians felt that the local candidate was the most important factor in deciding how to vote.

If you are unsure which party best matches your views, then visit the CBC Vote Compass. After answering a range of questions, you will see which of the major parties you are closest to you.

To find out which parties and candidates are running in your own electoral district, visit Elections Canada.


Registered Political Parties & Leaders


  17 candidates

Animal Protection Party of Canada
Liz White


78 candidates

Bloc Québécois
Yves-Francois Blanchet


  7 candidates

Canada's Fourth Front
Partap Dua



3 candidates

Canadian Nationalist Party
Travis Patron 



51 candidates

Christian Heritage Party
Rodney L. Taylor


  30 candidates

Communist Party of Canada
Elizabeth Rowley



338 candidates

Conservative Party of Canada
Andrew Scheer

336 candidates

Green Party
Elizabeth May



338 Candidates

Liberal Party of Canada
Justin Trudeau



24 candidates

Libertarian Party of Canada
Timothy P. Moen



4 candidates

Marijuana Party of Canada
Blair Longley



50 candidates

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
Anna Di Carlo



  4 candidates

National Citizens Alliance of Canada
Stephen Garvey



338 candidates

New Democratic Party
Jagmeet Singh


13 candidates

Parti pour l'Indépendance du Québec
Michel Blondin

39 candidates

Rhinoceros Party
Sebastien CoRhino


315 candidates

People's Party of Canada
Maxime Bernier


3 candidates

Progressive Canadian Party
Joseph Heuglin



Rhino Party 

2 candidates

Stop Climate Chance Party
Ken Ranney


4 candidates

The United Party of Canada
David Berlin


25 candidates

Veterans Coalition Party of Canada
Randy David Joy


In addition there are 125 individuals running as independents or non-affiliated candidates in 2019.

You can review information about the registered parties and candidates for the 2015, the 2011, the 2008, the 2006, and 2004 elections, as well.




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