Last modified: July 10, 2015
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  Talk on The Philosophy of Praxis [video]

The Internet in Question [web link] [word doc]

Making the Gestalt Switch [PDF]

Palimpsestology: The Many Layers of Technoscience [PDF]

Andrew Feenberg, "Great Refusal or Long March: How to Think About the Internet" [PDF]

Science, Technology and Democracy: Distinctions and Connections [PDF]

Agency and Citizenship in a Technological Society [PDF]

Meaning, Being, and Technology in Heidegger and Marcuse [PDF]

Function and Meaning: The Double Aspects of Technology [PDF]

The Online Education Controversy [PDF]

The Mediation is the Message [PDF]

Encountering Technology [PDF]

Active and Passive Bodies: Comments on Don Ihde's Bodies in Technology [PDF]

Can Technology Incorporate Values? Marcuse's Answer to the Question of the Age [PDF]

Heidegger, Marcuse, and the Critique of Technology [PDF]

The Essential Marcuse [YouTube]

A Democratic Internet? [PDF]

Modernity, Technology and the Forms of Rationality [PDF]