Academic Resources:

Have questions about academics? Learn more about what is expected from the university and the department through these links or by contacting the Graduate Program Assistant.

SFU current graduate students

SFU chemistry graduate students

Graduate Program Assistant: Nathalie Fournier (

Health and Counselling:

The Health and Counselling service provided at SFU allows you to book appointments with doctors and counsellors. Download the free confidential app My SSP from their website.

Health and Counselling website

Province-wide 24 hour crisis line: 1-800-784-2433


The Ombudsperson at SFU is an independent, impartial and confidential resource for students. They provide information and guidance on students' rights and responsibilities, and University regulations, policies and procedures. The Ombudsperson may also make recommendations to the University, where appropriate, for changes to policies and procedures and to promote discussion on institution-wide concerns that impact students. The Ombudsperson is an advocate for fairness in general for the benefit of all students and the university community.

Ombudsperson website and contact:

GSS Student Advocate:

The Graduate Student Society Advocate and Policy Advisor is a resource for any graduate student, student group, or Caucus that is experiencing difficulties within the University.