Microphone accessories   

mic clip  mic stand  shock mount  wind screen 
The mic clip holds the microphone securely and allows it to be attached to the mic stand.  The mic stand allows the microphone to be positioned in space at some desired height, distance, and angle.  A shock mount is a substitute for the mic clip. It is designed to absorb mechanical vibration or which might be conducted from the environment to the microphone through the mic stand resulting in rumble.  The wind screen covers the microphone capsule with a layer of porous foam rubber which conducts sound waves but inhibits the mechanical vibration which can result from air blowing past the microphone itself. 
pop filter  pop screen 
Some microphones provide a built-in pop filter. This is a low frequency filter which reduces the microphone's sensitivity to the plosives of the human voice such as the aspirated consonants "p" and "b". A switch on the body of themicrophone turns the filter on or off.  The pop screen serves a similar purpose to the pop filter and can be used with any kind of microphone. It is simply constructed from porous nylon material stretched around a circular spacer and placed between the sound source and the microphone. 
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