Since September 2019 , I am working as a research assistant at the NSL, SFU, Canada. I am contributing to the following project:

Video Encoding for Cloud Gaming Applications

The goal of this project is to investigate the advantages and shortcomings of Cloud Gaming in various wireless communications environment (LTE, 5G, etc ..).
We focus on the applications that require significant bandwidth and minimum latency, e.g. High Resolutions and Frames per Second.

MCQ answering for MovieQA dataset

We managed to create a smart NLP model that uses Google Bert to answer MCQ questions extracted from a Large Text. [Demo]

From September 2016 to June 2019, I worked as a research assistant at SmartCI center, Alexandria University. I contributed to the following project:

Collaborative Radio Cloud

crc-logoThe long-term goal of this project is to build a Cognitive Radio Cloud (CRC) to enable a collaborative environment for wireless communications research in general, and cognitive radio research in particular, that eases the deployment and testing of protocols at different layers of the protocol stack. The focus of the current phase is to build a wireless testbed that has a scalable and modular architecture with a full experimental protocol stack that enables web/remote access to the testbed to facilitate communication and networking research experiments, especially for Egyptian researchers and practitioners. During the first phase, multiple SDR platforms connected to wifi-enabled mini-desktops will be installed. Powerful servers will be used to host different front-end and back-end testbed components. Different software and hardware components will be developed and installed to enable the testbed planned features and functionalities. Some components may be implemented using existing open source frameworks/tools/software for potential future integration with other worldwide testbeds. However, several research challenges still need to be addressed including optimal utilization of the testbed resources, non-conflict scheduling of parallel experiments, real-time measurements, and control for dynamic experiments, multi-testbed inter-operability, realistic mobility emulation and management, malicious user detection, efficient operating system image swapping and transfer, among others will be investigated in this project. Such a testbed will allow a wide set of applications and will have a huge impact on different sectors of the society, not only in Egypt but through the region and internationally.

[Project website]

In May 2016, I participated in the DARPA spectrum collaboration challenge as part of the CRC Team of Egypt

Spectrum Collaboration Challenge

darpaParticipants in Spectrum Collaboration Challenge 2 (SC2) organized by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the USA. The target of the competition is to implement a complete cognitive radio system that is capable of transmission without affecting primary users and/or its rivals. The competition included an experimental research on implementing efficient Software Defined Radios using USRP X310. Additionally, machine learning techniques were used to handle the collaboration between competitor nodes.

I also took the following courses during my MsC. studies which started on September 2016

Fall 2016

  1. Fuzzy Logic and its Engineering Applications
  2.      Course included: A project using Matlab and Simulink, weekly sheets and a written exam.
  3. Simulation Techniques
  4.      Course included: A project using Matlab to simulate queues, weekly sheets and a written exam.
  5. Advanced Topics in Computer Networks
  6.      Course included: Weekly papers summarization and presentation and a complete conference paper implementation.

Spring 2017

  1. Wirless Networks Sensors
  2.      Course included: Weekly seminars, a technical report on specific topics and a written exam.
  3. Text Mining
  4.      Course included: Weekly seminars, a project using deep neural networks to analyse texts and detect duplicate information.
  5. Cloud Computing
  6.      Course included: Weekly seminars, a take-home exam and a project using distributed databases on a cluster of computers.

Fall 2017

  1. Big Data Analytics
  2.      Course included: Weekly seminars, a take-home exam and a project using R language to create a predicitive model on a given large dataset.
  3. Aritifical Intelligence in Computer Networks
  4.      Course included: Weekly papers summarization and presentation and a complete conference paper implementation.