In November 2016 Pi Theatre produced my newest play, Long Division, at Richmond's Gateway Theatre. It was an amazing process. Even more amazing is that the play got a "refreshed remount" April 26-30, 2017 at the Annex Theatre in Vancouver, featuring the same exceptional cast (pictured below), and directed by Pi AD Richard Wolfe. The play is a multimedia, physical theatre piece featuring original choreography by Lesley Telford and a musical score by Owen Belton. It focuses on the mathematics of human connection, introducing seven characters linked—sometimes directly, sometimes more obliquely—by a sequence of ultimately tragic events. These characters offer lessons on number theory, geometry, logic, and the like, while also addressing the audience directly in a series of monologues that individually reveal aspects of their inner lives, and collectively the nature of their relationships to each other. (Director: Richard Wolfe; Choreographer: Lesley Telford; with, left to right, Jennifer Lines, Melissa Oei, Jay Clift, Kerry Sandomirsky, Anousha Alamian, Linda Quibell, and Nicco Lorenzo Garcia)


Below is video (in two parts) of one of the Gateway performances: