2022 program 

Berlin Field School Itinerary

Mid May classes Contemporary Arts Field School I and II (CA 308 and CA 309) start at the Woodwards’ Campus Vancouver. Until end of May, students work on presentations of Berlin’s historic cultural and political context, start a research journal and form 1st ideas for individual projects. Some sessions prepare the group for the travel period in Berlin: students get introduced to German customs, culturally specific do’s and don’ts. The class works on a BFS code of conduct and prepares for the 6 weeks being away from home.

Here you find the itinerary of our Field School from June 1st - July 13th 2022:

  • June 1: Arrival, Field School starts. Meeting with Field School Director Sabine Bitter and Marjolein van der Meer from our partner organization ABA at Hotel Wyndham
  • June 2: Meet at Hotel, stop by at Prinzessinnengarten and travel together to feldfünf to start collaboration Spaces of Learning with Prof. Karina Nimmerfall and students from Cologne. Visit Floating University with founding member Rosario Talevi . Talk by Sabine Bitter at feldfünf.
  • June 3: working on project at feldfünf, visit Jewish Museum with curator Julia Friedrich
  • June 4: working on project at feldfünf, critique and closing event with Prof. Karina Nimmerfall and students from Cologne
  • June 5: NO PROGRAM
  • June 6: Monday meeting at ABA studio, afternoon exhibition Gob Squat at Hebbel am Ufer, HAU
  • June 7: Artist talk and exhibition visit with Heba Y. Amin, afternoon visit Märkisches Museum, dinner at ABA
  • June 8: Visit Berlinische Galerie with Clint Burnham, afternoon Berlinische Galerie artist talk and exhibition visit with Nina Canell
  • June 9: NO PROGRAM, research day
  • June 10: Visit exhibition at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, HKW
  • June 11: NO PROGRAM
  • June 12: NO PROGRAM during day, evening event: Dance performance by Kiana Rezwani at Sophiensäle
  • June 13: Monday meeting at ABA studio, afternoon Artist visit with Lisa D.
  • June 14: Artist visit with Stefan Römer at nGbk, Oranienstrasse
  • June 15: Exhibition visit: Karl Marx at Historisches Museum Berlin, evening event: Stefano Harney & Fred Moten at HAU, Hebbel am Ufer
  • June 16: NO PROGRAM, research day
  • June 17: Berlin Biennale Hamburger Bahnhof, Kunstwerke, Akademie der Künste, evening dinner at ABA
  • June 18: NO PROGRAM
  • June 19: NO PROGRAM
  • June 20: Monday meeting at ABA studio, afternoon Artist visit with Didem Pekün, visit at station urbaner kulturen: nGbk Hellersdorf with Elisa T. Bertuzzo, Jochen Becker and Jan Lemnitz
  • June 21: Visit at Hamburger Bahnhof exhibition Nation Narration Narcos: artist talk with Abijan Toto, Forest Curriculum.
    Afternoon tour at nbk's exhibition of Sharon Hayes and Oliver Ressler
  • June 22: NO PROGRAM, research day
  • June 23: Tour of bookstore pro qm with founding member Katja Reichert, artist talk with Ines Schaber, snacks with Professor Christian Teckert and students from Kiel. Evening performance A Divine Comedy by Florentina Holzinger at Volksbühne
  • June 24: Tour of exhibtion by curator Cosmin Costinas at SAVVY Contemporary, Bustour Bus #1
  • June 25: NO PROGRAM
  • June 26: NO PROGRAM
  • June 27: Monday meeting at ABA studio, Tour by artist and curator Nina Höchtl of exhibition No Master Territories. Feminist Worldmaking and the Moving Image at HKW. Dinner at Com Viet. Theatre play JESSICA – an Incarnation by Susanne Kennedy und Markus Selg at Volksbühne
  • June 28: NO PROGRAM, research day
  • June 29: Train to Kassel to visit documenta 15
  • June 30: visit documenta 15
  • July 1: visit documenta 15, travel back to Berlin
  • July 2: NO PROGRAM
  • July 3: NO PROGRAM
  • July 4: Monday meeting at ABA studio
  • July 5: NO PROGRAM, research day
  • July 6: Visit Dong Xiuang Center. Tour at Hohenschönhausen, former Stasi prison. Tour by curator Dominique Bluher of Agnes Varda's exhibition „The Third Life of Agnés Varda“. at Silent green
  • July 7: Travel to Dessau to visit Bauhaus exhibition and building, tour with Regina Bittner.
  • July 8: NO PROGRAM, research day
  • July 9: NO PROGRAM
  • July 10: NO PROGRAM
  • July 11: Tour of Haus der Statistik. Final critique of individual projects in process with Susanne Kriemann at ABA. Farewll dinner at 3 Schwestern, Künstlerhaus Bethanien.
  • July 12: Preperation to depart
  • July 13: Field School ends