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Re: support for RedHat distributions

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 09:20:43PM -0800, Martin Siegert wrote:
> Dear Linux-security subscribers:
> ... there will be none (see subject).
> ...

I have just read RedHat's web page, and am not reasured by what I have 
seen.  They describe the Fedora Project as being suitable for 
"non-critical computing environments".  I have yet to meet a user who 
would decribe his work as "non-critical"!  They further describe it as 
"bleeding edge technology" - something that I most certainly do NOT want.  
So Fedora does not seem to be a viable option, at least not for now.

What about RedHat Enterprize Linux?  It is not free, but how much would it 

Another option is simply to freeze our systems, in the hope that the 
security bugs have by now been eliminated.  This is not an unreasonable 
assumption in the medium term, although I suspect that this solution will 
not hold up in the long term.

How did Linux live and thrive before RedHat?  Perhaps the community should 
revert to the previous model, whatever it was.

Leslie Ballentine
Physics Department