Malena and Lance's Show Kids

born December 29, 2004

bred & raised by Robert & Charlene Gann ("Gallica")

Sire: Am Ch. Chyscott's First Knight ("Lance")

Dam: Can/Am Ch. Glenfraser's Black Brenna ("Lena")

 Introducing .... "Dan Patch" at 3-1/2 months

Glenfraser's Knight of Gallica

(click on name for pedigree)

The happy new owner

"Okay, so when's the first show? I'm ready!"

The Puppy Pictures (taken by Bob Gann)

The 6-pack

Did you see the "patch"?

Dan Patch's puppy pix

His Littermates at 3-1/2 months (minus Martin, aka Luther)



Buliwyf ("I promise to get those ears up real soon!")


("and you thought Mom was the Queen of Mean!")





Dan Patch at his new home in Vancouver

Dan P at 3-1/2 mo - ready for mischief!

Dan P with Arnold & Joan & Toby

Dan P at 4 months


4-1/2 mo.

At 5 mo. after his first sanction match

At 5-1/2 months - I have a nice front!

and my rear is pretty good too!

My side profile is pretty

and I like to woof at everything!

And at 6-1/2 months I'm getting Championship points ....

based on my perfect free stack!

and at 8 months I'm half way to being a Champion ...




even if I have to crawl over long grass to do it!

At 11 months I'm a Canadian Champion ...
 .. thanks to my best friend, even if I was the "juvenile delinquent" in the ring
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