Barry Truax

Electroacoustic Composer & Acoustic Communication Researcher
celebrating 50 years of electroacoustic music composition (1969-2019)

Université de Montréal concert, Nov. 2019

Meet The Composer

The two solo retrospective shows in Vancouver:
Music theatre show videos (June 24/18) and Canadian Music Centre celebration program (May 11/18)
and three retrospective multi-channel concerts: Greenwich (Dec./18), Venice (Oct./19) & Montréal (Nov./19)

Recent Texts ....

Music Excerpts (mp3); Complete works on the Sonus website

The most recent pieces and performances .....

Acoustic Communication (book) .....

Cambridge Street Records

  The Spirit Journies CD and the new CD, The Elements and Beyond

  The Documentation Analysis DVD-ROM #1 (Granular Synthesis)
and DVD-ROM #2 (Soundscape Composition)
and DVD-ROM #3 (Text-based Composition)

The dance video (Androgyne Mon Amour) and the Goldberg/Truax computer graphic collaborations

The SFU 40 retrospective CD

The Opera CD (double)

Barry's mp3 Piano Streams: Listen to a choice of 13 streams of Classical and Jazz (250 tracks, and about 13 hours total)

or look at the CD's: Galuppi Meets Satie (2018) & vol. 2 (2019), Sarabande (2017), Bach & Handel Keyboard Suites (2016), Blues & Ballads (2016), Lush Life (2014), West Side Story (2013), Quiet Nights (2012), Satin Doll (2010), Bewitched (2009), Summertime & Wintertime (2008)

The CD-ROM (the Handbook for Acoustic Ecology)


The most recent pieces and performances .....

including Fire Spirits, Chalice Well, The Ghostly Moon, The Shaman Ascending, Enigma and From the Unseen World, Aeolian Voices, Earth and Steel,  The Garden of Sonic Delights, The Bells of Salzburg, Infinity Room

The Isle of Avalon  (multi-channel soundscape installation)

The 2012 Centenary Tribute Works
The Alan Turing tribute works: Enigma and From the Unseen World (for tenor, piano, video and soundtracks)

John Cage's Lecture on Nothing (performed by Barry Truax with electronic accompaniment)

The octophonic catalogue .....

The Opera & the Modern Baroque Opera Production Photos

World Soundscape Project

Glenfraser Scottish Terriers

Fergie and Ryder's litter (2018) .... growing up

Dougal (b. June 2016, co-owned with Denis Blais & Heather Lindberg)
Piper & Mackie's litter (2013) .... growing up and their show pix
 Piper & Tucker's girl (2012) .... growing up

  Kenzie & Tucker's boy (2011) .... growing up

Piper and Crinan's litter (2010-11) .... growing up

Tucker - his puppy pix, and his adult show pix

  Pepper and Dan Patch's 2nd litter (2008) .... growing up

The regional Scottie Specialty, July 2008

Suki and Dan Patch's litter (2007) .... growing up

Pepper and Dan Patch's litter (2006) .... growing up

Dan Patch!

Jessica and Danny's litter (2003) .... growing up & their Show Wins

The grandkids (Toby & Thistle) & great-grandkid (Jessica) ..... & her big Specialty Win!

Thistle's litter (2002) ... growing up ... and Malena's Show Wins

Gracie & Toby's litter (2002) ... growing up