Modern Baroque Opera Workshop Production, June 2004

an electroacoustic opera for six singers, two dancers, video tape and eight digital soundtracks


The Woman (soprano): Catherine Campolin

The Journalist/Sappho (mezzo-soprano): Marion Newman

The Sibyl (alto): Fides Krucker

The Seer (counter-tenor): David Dong Qyu Lee

The Artist (lyric tenor): Benoit Boutet

The Man (baritone): Steve Maddock

Male dancer: Hans Seidemann

Female dancer: Aretha Aoki

Photos by Yukiko Onley

Act 1: Male Dancer, Man, Woman, Artist

Act 1: Woman, Man

Act 2: The Sibyl

Act 2: The Sibyl, Journalist, Female Dancer

Act 2: The Journalist, The Sibyl

Act 2: Sappho (The Journalist), Female Dancer

Act 2: The Sibyl

Act 3: The Seer, Artist

Act 3: The Artist, Male Dancer

Act 3: The Artist, Seer, Male Dancer

Act 4: Beyond

Act 4: The Three Couples

Act 4: Finale

Act 4: Finale