for two digital soundtracks (SOCAN 2:57)
Sound Example available

 2. PENDLERDRØM (1997)
for two digital soundtracks (SOCAN 11:59)
Sound Example available

for two digital soundtracks (SOCAN 10:00)

 4. DOMINION (1991)
for chamber ensemble and two digital soundtracks (SOCAN 18:38)

Olympia Chamber Orchestra, Arun Chandra, conductor

 5. ISLAND (2000)
for eight digital soundtracks (SOCAN 19:00)
Sound Example available

Total recording time: 63 min.

The soundscape composition is known around the world as an artform that originated in Canada with the pioneering work of R. Murray Schafer and the World Soundscape Project at Simon Fraser University. Recently, 8-channel works in this genre by Canadian composers Hildegard Westerkamp, Barry Truax, and Darren Copeland, along with visiting composers from other countries, have been featured in concerts and festivals in Europe, the U.K., U.S., and Canada. Islands brings together for the first time some of Truax's best works in this style, including Pacific Fanfare, Pendlerdrøm, La Sera di Benevento, Dominion, and the title track, Island, a vivid journey to a magical land.

Cambridge Street Records gratefully acknowledges the support of Simon Fraser University's Publications Fund in assisting with the printing of the CD booklet.

Review comments:

... train rides lead to restful escapades away from the stress of the workday, an afternoon nap invites a sonic meditation with cicadas and Italian water fountains ... along with other natural soundscape elements, providing the makings of a magical place of wonder and rest. Truax indeed hears the world through a different aural filter .... his choices say something about the role sound plays in our sense of well-being in the world. I think the implicit statement of this CD is that our society is in need of islands of rest and contemplation. - Darren Copeland, Musicworks 82.

Islands is a 2001 collection of soundscape compositions by Barry Truax .... In all these works, the composer shows his mastery of studio techniques, as well as his inventive use of his specialized research on granular synthesis. A highly recommended CD as an introduction to the art of Barry Truax. - alcides lanza, Computer Music Journal 27(2), 2003, p. 118.

In Islands, Truax presents soundscape compositions rich in emotional context and rife with attractive yet often mysterious aural imagery. Younger sound artists can learn from Truax's sensitive layering and sound processing. - Christopher DeLaurenti, Soundscape, The Journal of Acoustic Ecology, 4(2), 2003.

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