for 8 digital soundtracks

Fire and its symbolism are featured prominently in most cultures, with common themes of its volatility, and double-edged role as beneficial to humanity and potentially destructive. Fire Spirits evokes the power of fire and incorporates references to the Norse god Loki, the Hindu deity Agni, and the Hawaiian goddess Pele, as well as to the Chinese trickster ghost, the “fox spirit” who might emerge from a smoky flame.

This soundscape composition takes the listener on an imaginary journey, perhaps to the volcanic island that is home to Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and the forge, to remind us of our age-old fascination with all manifestations of fire.

Original recordings from the World Soundscape Project Tape Collection, and vocal material by Chris Grigor and the composer. Sound processing realized with Soundhack convolution and Chris Rolfe’s MacPod software, with spatialization created by Harmonic Functions’ TiMax2 matrix mixer, marketed by Outboard Inc (UK).

Fire Spirits was commissioned by the School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University for its inaugural electroacoustic music concert at the Woodwards campus.

Fire Spirits
is available on the Cambridge Street Records CD, The Elements and Beyond.

Sound Example available