Jazz Blues & Ballads


1.   Angel Eyes (M. Dennis)

2.   East of the Sun (B. Bowman)

3.   My Little Brown Book (B. Strayhorn)

4.   Moonglow (W. Hudson, E. de Lange, I. Mills)

5.   In a Sentimental Mood (D. Ellington, I. Mills & M. Kurtz)

6.   Solitude (D. Ellington, E. de Lange, I. Mills)

7.   Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (J. Kern)
Sound Example available

8.   Stardust (H. Carmichael)
Sound Example available

9.   Just A Settiní and a Rockiní (B. Strayhorn)

10. I Ainít Got Nothiní But the Blues (D. Ellington)

11. Blues in the Night (H. Arlen)

12. How Long Has This Been Going On (G. Gershwin)

13. Lover Man (J. Davis, R. Ramirez, J. Sherman)

14. Mood Indigo (D. Ellington, I. Mills & A. Bigard)

15. Stormy Weather (H. Arlen)
Sound Example available

16. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing (B. Strayhorn)

17. You Donít Know What Love Is (D. Raye & G. DePaul)

18. Iíve Got You Under My Skin (C. Porter)

19. Lush Life (B. Strayhorn)

20. My Little Brown Book - reprise

21. Lotus Blossom (B. Strayhorn)
Sound Example available

22. Summertime (G. Gershwin)

23. Prelude II (Blue Lullaby) (G. Gershwin)

24. Prelude: Sleepless Night (G. Gershwin)

Previous Piano CDs:  Lush Life (2014), West Side Story (2013), Quiet Nights (2012), Satin Doll (2010), Bewitched (2009),  Summertime and Wintertime (2008)

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