FAQ: Information for Prospective Puppy Purchasers

Thanks for your interest in Glenfraser Scottish Terriers. We share with you a love of the breed and also understand that as with most top quality pure-bred dogs, finding the right one can be a long and sometimes frustrating experience.

Our experience has shown that those owners willing to take the time (and yes, it sometimes takes a while) to build a relationship with breeders usually have a more successful time of it. That way you can get to know people, perhaps attend some shows or visit kennels in person, and finally settle on a Scottie puppy and bring it home. Starting with a brief email exchange or phone call won't cover everything and is only the very first step.

In order for you to start that process and get to know our situation and terms a little better, we've prepared some preliminary information that you should read. We hope this will provide you with a better understanding of our policies. Given the numerous enquiries we receive for puppies via the Internet, we suggest you read the following information before you contact us, including the FAQ on this website and our kennel page, if you haven't done so already.

Although we are open to negotiation, we have fairly strong policies on the following:

An ungroomed "pet" Scottie

The same puppy after being groomed

Prices and availability:

 Barry Truax & Guenther Krueger
Glenfraser Scotties