Produced by the World Soundscape Project, Simon Fraser University
1. Ocean Sounds (6:04)

2. Squamish Narrative (5:47)

3. Entrance to the Harbour (7:06)

4. Harbour Ambience (6:31)

5. The Music of Horns and Whistles (3:12)

6. Vancouver Soundmarks (3:49)

Sound Example available

7. Homo Ludens - Vancouverites at Play (5:06)

8. The Music of Various City Quarters (8:11)

9. New Year's Eve in Vancouver Harbour (8:24)

10. On Acoustic Design (20:24) (An introduction to the science and art of composing the soundscape, narrated by R. Murray Schafer, with recorded examples of good and bad acoustic design in Vancouver.)

Except for New Year's Eve in Vancouver Harbour , all sounds on CD I were recorded between September 1972 and August 1973. The recordists were Howard Broomfield, Bruce Davis, Peter Huse and Colin Miles. Bruce Davis supervised the mixing of the recordings. The Vancouver Soundscape was directed and edited by R. Murray Schafer. The Music of Various City Quarters (ID 8) was remixed by Barry Truax for this CD. New Year's Eve in Vancouver Harbour (ID 9) was recorded by Hildegard Westerkamp on New Year's Eve 1980-81.

This recording was made possible with the financial support of the Goethe Institut, Vancouver.


1. Harbour Ambience (3:58)

2. Recharting the Senses (7:53) by Darren Copeland

3. The Hidden Tune (14:16) by Sabine Breitsameter

4. Vanscape Motion (17:07) by Hans Ulrich Werner

5. Pacific Fanfare (2:58) by Barry Truax
Sound Example available

6-14. Vancouver Soundscape Revisited (17:52) by Claude Schryer

15. Documentary: The Changing Soundscape (11:00) (A comparison of the 1973 and 1996 soundscapes of Vancouver, narrated by Barry Truax and Hildegard Westerkamp.)


All four compositions (CD II, IDs 2, 3, 4, 6) were composed during the Soundscape Vancouver '96 project at the Sonic Research Studio of Simon Fraser University from May 6 to June 5, 1996. A final concert (June 7, 1996) presented these works to the public. An 8-channel computerized diffusion system, developed by Barry Truax at Simon Fraser University using hardware and software developed by the Harmonic Functions group, transformed the conventional concert hall environment into an electroacoustically enhanced place for soundscape listening.

Digital recordings of the Vancouver soundscape (1991 - 1995): Robert MacNevin and Scott Morgan. Studio assistance to composers: Susan Frykberg, David Murphy and Chris Rolfe. Graphic design: Jaclynne Campbell, Instructional Media Centre, Simon Fraser University. Introduction and text editing by Hildegard Westerkamp and Barry Truax.

This recording was made possible with the financial support of the Goethe Institut, Vancouver.

Cambridge Street Records is pleased to release this double CD on a non-profit basis, proceeds to which will go to furthering the work of the World Soundscape Project

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