Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


We celebrate the diversity of people, ideas and cultures

We all deserve an equitable, diverse and inclusive SFU.

We are an open, inclusive university founded on intellectual and academic freedom. We strive to create inclusive and responsive learning environments that recognize the value of diversity and that provide access, opportunity and success for all students, including those with diverse abilities.

We want everyone to feel safe, accepted and appreciated, whether they are learning, teaching, researching or working.

Under the leadership of our EDI advisory council, we’re creating more inclusive systems and processes. Over the past two years we have initiated many EDI projects:

  • Our Centre for Educational Excellence helps instructors incorporate inclusion into their teaching
  • We offer culturally sensitive campus and community support services
  • We signed the new Canadian Investor Statement on Diversity and Inclusion, pledging to integrate these values into our investment processes
  • We have developed a suite of inclusive and anti-racist writing guides
  • SFU Continuing Studies now offers a community capacity-building certificate
  • We offer EDI workshops for staff and faculty

Learn more about our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiative.