About EDI at SFU

An equitable, diverse and inclusive SFU is deserved by all

We believe that a renewed and reinvigorated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is essential for our present and our future.

It is our unique responsibility to create a culture where EDI is not merely an initiative, centre or plan, but a promise we make to ourselves, to each other and to everyone we meet.

Values and commitments

We believe that by leading with and living our values, we can create a community where all people have the ability, power, support and encouragement to thrive.

Our values:

  • We are an open, inclusive university whose foundation is intellectual and academic freedom
  • Our scholarship unites teaching and research: we celebrate discovery, diversity and dialogue

On these foundations, we will engage all our communities in building a robust and ethical society.

Our EDI priorities

As an institution we have work to do to ensure that our goals and ideals for a just world are reflected on our campuses, in our classrooms, in our workplaces and in the communities we create and serve.

We are committing to deliver on the following equity, diversity and inclusion priorities before the end of 2020:

  • Engage in a self-assessment/data-gathering on diversity and inclusion
  • Develop more robust and equitable recruitment, retention and progression
  • Increase capacity and awareness of EDI opportunities
  • Enhance inclusion for everyone


To facilitate change, we commit to a continuous process of reflection as we learn from one another and work to create more inclusive systems, processes, and culture. We have created a structure consisting of an executive sub-committee and an administrative group who will work together to lead this process. An advisory council has also been created to guide and strengthen our commitment.

Executive Sub-Committee members

Sandi de Domenico
Associate Vice-President, Human Resources
Email: sandi_domenico@sfu.ca

Rummana Khan Hemani
Vice Provost, Students and International
Email: avps@sfu.ca

Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan
Associate Vice-President, External Relations
Email: sjayamad@sfu.ca

Jonathan Driver
Vice-President, Academic and Provost pro-tem
Email: driver@sfu.ca

Joy Johnson (Chair)
Vice-President, Research and International
Email: vpres@sfu.ca

Kera McArthur
Executive Director, President’s Office
Email: dpo@sfu.ca

Administrative group

Anisha Arora, EdD
Director, Projects | Office of the Vice Provost, Students & International
Email: anisha_arora@sfu.ca

Rosie Dhaliwal, MEd
Specialist, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | Human Resources
Email: rosie_dhaliwal@sfu.ca

Theresa Burley, MPH
Specialist, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion | VP Academic, Strategic Initiatives
Email: theresa_burley@sfu.ca

Suman Jiwani, MSc
Specialist, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion | Faculty Relations
Email: suman_jiwani@sfu.ca

Advisory Council

The mandate of the EDI Advisory Council is to develop an aspirational vision for EDI at SFU that will guide and strengthen our commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces and learning environments, and equitable opportunities for all.

Specific responsibilities of the Advisory Council are to provide advice and guidance on the following:

  • developing an aspirational vision statement for EDI at SFU
  • high-level, strategic reflections on EDI-related priorities
  • communication strategies and outreach
  • data collection and analysis
  • programs and policies
  • opportunities and systemic barriers
  • university responsibilities


The EDI Advisory Council is composed of members including faculty, staff and students. The aim is to have diverse representation of career and educational stages, and experiences that reflect the diversity of our staff, faculty, and students, with a minimum of seven faculty members, seven staff and seven students. Rather than representing constituencies, EDI Advisory Council members will be asked to work together to consider the needs of the entire university and serve as EDI champions.

The EDI Advisory Council is co-chaired by Joy Johnson, Vice-President, Research and International and a volunteer from the newly formed EDI Advisory Council. Members of the executive subcommittee and administrative group serve as ex-officio members. The final approval of the slate of the advisory council will be made by the SFU Executive.

The term of the EDI Advisory Council is one year.

Read the original call for Expressions of Interest.



Sherryl Bisgrove
Milena Droumeva
Maya Gislason
Helen Leung
Jeannie Morgan
Carman Neustaedter
Lesley Shannon


Dorothy Christian
William Gill
Shaheen Nanji
CJ Rowe
Judy Smith
Dal Sohal
Valerie Spicer
Javier Tavitas
Wafaa Zaquot


Lindsay Heller
Vishal Jain
Andrea Jones
Ally Klassen
Nhan Lam
Sanam Prasad
Samer Rihani
Carolyn Tinglin


The Advisory Council will meet three to four times a year, the first of which is an all-day retreat for all members. The 2019-20 meeting schedule for the Advisory Council is as follows:

December 2, 2019 – 2-4 p.m.
January 14, 2020 – Full day retreat
February 26, 2020 – 1-4 p.m.
April 29, 2020 – 1-4 p.m.
June 24, 2020 – 1-4 p.m.
September 16, 2020 – 1-4 p.m.

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