How We Got Here

Our process

We engaged in an extensive series of community conversations to gather input on this strategy.

Learn how our communities shaped What's Next for SFU.


SFU: What’s Next? was built to be flexible and iterative, and to address the diverse needs and preferences of community members.   

The development of this process was guided by the advice of a pan-university advisory team, conversations with groups across SFU and external specialists, as well as previous projects and engagements such as the Steering Committee on Personal Safety report recommendations.

This project was also supported at various stages by internal and external partners, including the SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, SFU’s Office of Community Engagement, SFU Public Square, Kirkwood Consulting and Nahanee Creative.


In recent years, a number of consultations have been held to learn more about how SFU communities—including students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners—feel about various aspects of the university’s operations.

A few examples are:

Those reports were reviewed as part of SFU: What’s Next? to ensure that existing input was represented.


SFU: What’s Next? defined and clarified the SFU story—bringing together who we’ve been, who we are now, and most importantly, how we want to move forward as a university community. The outcomes of this process have been used to define SFU’s vision, purpose, commitments and priorities.

There are many people with a connection to SFU who needed to be heard. The input gathered through each conversation was documented and grouped into common themes.

Themes were shared with the community, along with ThoughtExchange conversations, notes from round table discussions, town hall recordings and survey results. They were also presented to the Senior Leadership Team for review and discussion, and the Senior Leadership Team made recommendations to the President and Provost for final decision.


What we Learned

Read what we heard from our communities throughout the engagement process.  

ThoughtExchange findings

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Survey Results

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Student engagement summary

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Round Table Themes and Analysis

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Institutional Accountability Plans

The Institutional Accountability Plan and Report is submitted annually to the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.