Welcome to the Alumni Association!

When you graduate, you automatically become a member of the SFU Alumni Association, a network of more than 150,000 graduates living in 140 countries.

The Alumni Association is here to keep you connected with your fellow alumni and the SFU community.

Vision, Mission, Values + Constitution

Alumni Association Vision Statement

The SFU Alumni Association will be an engaging and mutually beneficial lifetime link between Simon Fraser University and its community of alumni.

Alumni Association Mission Statement

The SFU Alumni Association represents the interests of SFU graduates worldwide. We are committed to keeping our alumni informed, involved and invested in the alumni community and the future of Simon Fraser University. Working closely with the University, we offer communications, events, benefits and services for our current and future alumni.


In 2012 the SFU Alumni Association undertook a comprehensive planning process to develop the following goals that guide our direction and priorities: www.sfu.ca/alumni/engagement-plan

Alumni Association Values

We believe a lifelong relationship exists between alumni and the university. We recognize the importance of higher education to the development of society. We believe that quality and accessibility are essential if the university is to fulfil its mission of teaching, research and community service. We believe that alumni must contribute actively to the development of the university, and that this may include challenging the university's vision of itself. We acknowledge we are a caring organization, in our service to the membership, the university and the broader community.

Alumni Association Constitution & Bylaws

Annual Reports

2016/17 Year in Review

Read about some of the activities and accomplishments of SFU, our alumni and our future alumni


Getting Involved

  • One of the best ways to stay connected is by attending alumni events across the world. Be sure to check out our Alumni Events page on an ongoing basis to see what's happening near you.

  • Living outside of the Lower Mainland? See if there are any current Alumni groups in your region. If not, we encourage you to contact us if you're interested in exploring the development of a group in your area.

  • If you're keen to make a big impact amongst our alumni community, consider serving as a member of the Alumni Association's Board of Directors.

  • If you're interested in mentorship-related opportunities - in terms of mentoring current students - consider getting in touch with a former professor or faculty representative to express your interest.

As an active and committed volunteer organization, the SFU Alumni Association conveys alumni interests and concerns to the university. Through the talent and perspective of our alumni from across Canada and around the world, we act as ambassadors on behalf of the university. We also partner with the university to offer programs that will ensure the sustainability of the Association and enable it to continue its good work.

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Office location: The office is located on the 2nd level of Strand Hall, the main administration building on the Burnaby campus. Strand Hall is on the east side of campus between the AQ and the upper bus loop.

Tel: 778.782.4723 (GRAD)
Fax: 778.782.6776
Toll free (North America): 1.800.998.4723 (GRAD)
Alumni Email inquiries: 778.782.4048
Email: alumni@sfu.ca

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