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Welcome to the website of the Department of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University.  We currently number 44 research and teaching faculty, and our members are engaged in world-class research from molecules, through organisms, to ecosystems. The Department has strengths in neurobiology, plant molecular biology, toxicology, evolutionary biology, behavioural ecology, and conservation biology. Our faculty and teaching assistants have been recognized with awards for teaching excellence at the Faculty of Science and University levels.  We have over 120 graduate students in Biological Sciences and in addition to our MSc and PhD programs we have two unique applied graduate programs in Pest Management and Environmental Toxicology.

For undergraduate students, a quick note.  This is a great time to be starting a biology career.  With new advances in genomics it is possible to apply genetic information not only to cell biology, immunology etc, but also to long-standing questions in evolution, development, and ecology – something our Department fully embraces.  Pressing environmental challenges that we face also calls for rigorous training in many areas of biology, such as conservation biology, ecology, ecotoxicology and physiology.  Our Department spans this breadth of sub-disciplines, allowing for integration across the levels of life, from molecules to ecosystems.  We value the diversity of approaches in biology and can provide you with rigorous training that will serve you well in your future endeavors. We hope you will choose to join us. 
Isabelle Côté
Professor & Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

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